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[[left margin]] UT - arl
UT - austin
Women execs
(sci ED 4 careers)
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•- Grand oasis, great vastness...
•Path, then share exciting things I'm doing w/ Exx
->Path: Always interested (B&W TV!)
      Parents; teachers
      Stanford / AD / 35(6) Daddy
                      Backgrounds, paths
JSC --> Got in line
        STS-7 => Standing start -> 17.5 K
                 Weightless     Robot arm (SPAS)
                 View =>     Coral reefs (Aus)
                             Glaciers in Him
                             Smog over LA
  [[red X over word slides]][Slides] [[red X over word slides]]
                [2nd flt = 41G
                [KDS (1st w/ 2)
[now, sci ed]   [all 6 flew [Eileen Collins; Peggy WHIT [[?]] ]
                [Corps now ~ 25% female

Sagan: It's suicidal to create soc that depends on sci/tech in which no one knows anything....
Sci & tech & eng are engines that drive our econ

∴ Ironic: Our soc, that relies so much on Eng sci/tech eng & got to be world leader thru 
ability to innov, eng, & explore - has put so little value or emph on sci ed in past couple decades

Why is STEM ed important? 

[[circle]] 1 [[/circle]] Inspire & educ. next gen of RKT sci & GEOCHEM engineers

Transcription Notes:
Peggy Wits = Peggy Whitson?

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