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To Col Allen for your address as I did not know whether or not you were at the old [[stand?]]- I should so like to see you and your wife and the little one - I know what a joy she is to you and her mother - and I often think of her and shall look to [?] that promised photograph and will send you one of my boy just as soon as I can have some new ones taken - all the older ones have been [?]

My plans are not yet clearly settled but I have return passage for Sept 30th - and [underlined] may remain abroad this time for several years - Can't say - I am now burning all my bridges on this side for I [underlined] want to settle in Paris -

It is just this way with me and I can say to such an old friend as you - that last year I made the hit of the year in the Salon - but I was a new man and a new sensation - and next year I may fall flat - I know you will not misunderstand what