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you have not over taxed your strength in entertaining us. I think it too kind of you to even want me to stay with you when you are not well & you must not think for an instant of undertaking a reception in addition to your other anxieties. When the date for the public reception has been finally decided if you will let us know when you care to have us we will be at your disposition. We think of sailing for France on December 7. My brother is to be married on the 4th. I shall have a great deal to tell you all when I see you & I am going to bring on the scrap books that I have kept since we were married to show you. The Harpers are going to publish Johns photographs & several of his pictures in the weeks after the exhibition in Pittsburg has opened. John is going to write to Colonel Allen in reply to the letters he received, from him last night. Thank you for taking an interest in my writing. I was sory not to be able to send Colonel Allen a manuscript but I have only the final copies over here & John is busy illustrating them & cannot spare them. As soon as they are finished we send them in so we dont have them at