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It would be a strange world if families stayed huddled together.  I am very happy that you plan coming over in [[strikethrough]]May[[/strikethrough]] April. I hope &  pray your health also Jesse's may continue to improve

I have been having some trouble with my eyes for the past month I can only use them for a short time before they hurt me not a little.  I am having them attended to and hope to be alright soon.  Belle Bertha & Carlie are well  I received cards from each Christmas week.  

We have had some sudden death of friends lately I donot like to write of such things for ones letters should bear cheery news but such is life.  Bishop Johnson died very suddenly also L.B. Moon both from heart trouble both in last month.  Sarah &  Tanner were in a way prepared for Moon's death for he had been poorly for sometime.  Sadie & Raymond