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went from there to a dance hall or recreation hall maintained by Martinique citizens [[strikethrough]] leaving [[/strikethrough]] living in France. Their dances are beautiful and their music enthralling. It was an interesting experience. 

The trip to Versailles was very good - interesting & instructive. We met some fine Americans on the trip - who wanted us to go with them today to view the Battle Grounds. They were 2 married ladies from Boston - Caucasian but interested because we knew Boston. and were more of their class than the other tourists. We intended going to Chateau Thierry & Rheims today - but for 2 reasons changed: one, we stayed out too late last evening and two Raymond felt it his duty to go get our friend who is ill in the American Hospital. 

I hope you may be able to return to Paris before we leave. I do want you to see the colored group in the Latin Quater. Also I want to get a few more movies of you because I promised [[Ulanena__?]] I would bring them so that she might see you. I fear the weather yesterday may not have been sufficiently clear. You will understand, however,

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not finished I finished the transcription, but I could not read one of the names.