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Nixon, Nevada,
Nov. 27th, 1927.

Dear Old Pal: 

You owe me a letter, but never mind - there have been so many events of interest to you, that I can't keep them back any longer!

First of all about Endeka. I have given her a job as  private secretary: She has a room here at the Indian Agency at Nixon and every morning she gives Mishaliku his lessons and almost every afternoon she goes out to the diggings where she helps me with measurements, etc., and in the evening we work on correspondence, articles and stories. Endeka does not seem to mind working 14 or 15 hours a day, so I am getting a lot done and am keeping the boy with me, which I could not possibly do under any other conditions, because his education must go ahead. He has made more progress in the week or two she has been working with him, than all the lessons I gave him before.

I do not remember whether I told you about the Pyramid Lake caves, if not you will not know why we are stationed at Nixon. The fact is that we discovered some dandy dry caves on Pyramid Lake which promise to rival Lovelock in productivity and Mr Heye has just authorized us to go ahead with the exploration. The expedition is to be called the Mrs TheadHeye Expedition, because Mrs Heye was kind enough to furnish the wherewithall, so if you mention our work in the public prints, it will do no harm to mention the fact. 

Already we have found a bewildering array of ancient baskets, matting, sandals, cordage, bark, garments, bone awls, wooden implements && goodness knows what else. The best things so far have been a couple of flint knives with their original wooden handles intact. Mishaliku found one of these all by himself and you could have heard him squeal for half a mile. 

We are getting down deeper into the deposits now and I should not be a bit surprised if we found some stuff belonging to the Basket Maker horizon as we.did at Lovelock. The material in the upper layers is quite a good deal different from the Lovelock top layer stuff, however. 

You must pardon our Corona, it is cutting up something awful, this evening and will have to be taken to the repair shop. Write when you can, my addressis Nixon, Nevada. With kind regards to Anna, I remain,

Kakwa kwanism maika Ori. 
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