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No. 749

Articles of Agreement made and concluded this 5th day of March, 1866, between Henry Davis of Wash City, County of Washington, State of Dist Columbia, party of the first part, and P Makely of Dyers Mills, County of Fairfax, State of Va. party of the second part.

The said Henry Davis freed laborers, agree to enter the service of the said P. Makley as Farmer, and, also that they will faithfully and diligently apply themselves and perform the duties of Farmer, on the Premiss of said P. Makly, and answer all the reasonable requirements of the said P. Makly, for, and during the space of ten months from the 5th day of March, 1866; and they further agree that their employer shall retain one-[[strikethrough]] fourth [[/strikethrough]] half their monthly wages until the expiration of their term of service.

And the said P. Makly, hereby agrees to employ them (the said freed laborers) for the term of ten months, as aforesaid, and to pay for their services the sum set opposite their respective names, per month — one [[strikethrough]] fourth [[/strikethrough]] half of which shall be retained each month,) and all stoppages and arrearages promptly paid at the expiration of their respective terms of service, to wit:

Henry Davis 8$ per month, and transportation for himself and Wife to said place of residence, and if Davis wife cannot get employment at 4$ per month then Mr Makly to pay transportation back to this City for both parties

in equal monthly payments; and the said P. Makly, further agrees to furnish said freed laborers above named, quarters, fuel, full substantial and healthy rations, and all necessary medical attendance and supplies in case of sickness, in addition to the compensation above named, and that he will assist and encourage efforts for the education of the children of his employees. And it is further agreed by the said P Makely that in case he at any time fails to perform his part of this agreement, he will pay to the said laborers the full sum of Eighty dollars, as fixed, agreed and liquidated damages.

If it shall be mutually desirable to annul this contract before the expiration of the term agreed upon, it shall be done only in the presence and with the concurrence of such officer of the Freedman's Bureau, (or other authority) as may have immediate jurisdiction in this matter in the district wherein each parties reside.

In testimony whereof, they have herewith set their hands and seals, the day and year first above written.

J.V.W. Vandenburgh

P Makely [L.S.]   Henry his X mark Davis [L.S.]  26
         [L.S.]   Ann her X mark Davis   [L.S.]  20
         [L.S.]                          [L.S.]
         [L.S.]                          {L.S.]

Registered at Intelligence Office, the 5th day of March 1866.

J V W Vandenburgh
Asst Local Superintendent.