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[2 column table]
[First Column]
|Edward his x mark Carroll| 
|John his x mark Bargr?|
|William his x mark Jones|
|John his x mark Gibson|
|Moses his x mark Thomas|
|Mrs. M. his x mark Vaughn|
|James his x mark Lee|
|Richard his x mark (Arden or Archer?)|
|John his x mark (Aebela?)|
|Abram his x mark Vaughn|
|Sarah his x mark Jackson|
|(Hauly?) his x mark Ward|
|Samuel his x mark Thoden|
|John his x mark Thomas|
|Theo Ward|
|Robert Johnson|
|Thomas Por|
|Daniel Moses|
|Daniel Hodges|
|Gro' Williams|
|David Johnson|
|Brouds (Witon?)|
|William Delainy|
|Abbot (Ivey?)|
|Gro Smith|
|Basil Olives|
|John Williams|
|Mary Riley|
|Margaret Haudy|
{Mary V. Gleason|
|Isaac (?)|
|William H. Warren|
|Richard Snyder|
|James (Nelson?)|
|Jacob (Nelson?)|

[Second column]
|William his x mark (?)|
|Henry his x mark Bush|
|Landon his x mark Jackson|
|Thomas his x mark (Siurrus?)|
|Henry Brown|
|John Auit|
|Henry Thomas|
|(Artson?) (Lanny?)|
|James St. Harris|
|George Jackson|
|Jacob Brown|
|John Stows|
|George Granger|
|William Jones|
|John Cooley|
|Arthur Cresurbury|
|Louis Douglass|
|Warren Scotland|
|William Holmes|
|John James|
|John (Air?)|
|John Wilch|
|George Butler|
|Steven Smith|
|Henry Mitchell|
[End second column]

Signed, Sealed and Delivered 
in presence of 

JVW Vanderbrough

Registered at JWettigence Office, the 20th day of April 1866.
MVW Vanderbrough, Asst Local Superintendent, Rurrow R.F.+A.L {paper bent over final letter}

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