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A.N. Marquis & Company,
324-326 Dearborn Street,

Jan. 28th, 1903.

Cable Address: Marquis, Chicago.

Prof. George H. Pepper, 
New York, N.Y.

Dear Sir:-
We have pleasure in inclosing herewith, for revision, the brief personal sketch of yourself with appeared in the 1901-1902 ed-
inion of Who's Who in America. Kindly go over this sketch carefully, making any needed corrections or alterations, and such additions as may be requisite to bring the information down to date.

A new edition, the third biennial number, is now in course of preparation and we hope to make the new volume even more worthy of public recognition than have been the earlier editions.

Many new names will be added, names no longer deemed important will be eliminated, and numerous improvements calculated to augment the usefulness of the work will be made.

It need not be stated here that Who's Who in America is now everywhere regarded as an indispensable book of reference to all who would keep abreast of the times.  The price of the new volume, in advance of publication, has been fixed at $3.25, which is very low indeed.  A large number of advance orders have been received for the new edition and we should be greatly pleased to have you indicate the number of copies desired (if one or more) so that we may be enabled to place a proper limit to the site of the edition.

Suggestions of names eligible for insertion in Who's Who in America will be gladly received and duly considered; or any improvement calculated to increase the usefulness of the book.

Please revise and return the sketch at once, even if no changes are made, using the enclosed stamped envelope.

Very sincerely yours,
A.N. Marquis and Co

(?) March 2 1903 (?)

Transcription Notes:
Can't read handwriting before date and signature line - can we assume the signature is Prof. George H. Pepper It's going to Prof Pepper, not from.