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Please remember me to Mrs Pepper I hope she is well and happy as I was glad to see you both -- Here we have had a horrid time with the grippe it scares me here when Papa gets it and that [[horrid]] cough  and he will go out and work just the same - I hope you have both been well -

Thanking you - hoping I am not giving you a lot of trouble

Sincerely yours
Alice Edwards Putnam

Papa says he will see you and give you the money for me next week in New York.

me to Peabody Museum as soon as possible as she is leaving for California [[her house]], in a week or ten days - I saw  one when I went to the Hydes store. White with a swastika in center they told me was a dollar and a half. I don't want to pay any more - Papa got me one but I can't bear to give it away but I do want to give this girl one and so am troubling you