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                       June 24, 1903.
President E.P.Ripley,
77 Jackson Boulevard, 

Dear Sir;-
I have thought of your visit to our Museum many times and now that I am about to start for the field I remember with satisfaction your expressions of interest in the work of the Hyde Southwestern Expeditions and your willingness to help if occasion required. 
    You of course remember your visit to the Chaco Canon where, in Pueblo Bonito, we did so much in the way of Archaeological world. We have the accumulated material from that region ready for study but we now feel the need of representative material from the modern Pueblos to be used, in a comparative way, in determining the use of the implements and utensils of the old Pueblos.
    I leave for the West about the first of July and my wife accompanies me as assistant. Our mission is to visit all of the modern Pueblos. To do this properly will necessitate a return trip to many of the towns to obtain photographic records of special ceremonies. It will be almost impossible to do this with the funds at my disposal unless your interest in the