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Grace Nicholson
41 & 42 So. Raymond
Pasadena, California

Partial List of Articles Contained in
Collection of Eskimo and Alaskan material.

Hoods, Caps, Spears, Lances, Clothing Bags, Fish Skin Garments, Gloves, Mittens, Boots, Sock & Boat Pads, Straw Socks, Needle Cases, Bodkins, Hair Combs, Hair Ornaments, Belt Fasteners, Ear Rings, Sinew Twisters, Dippers, Ladles, Spoons, Wooden Dishes, Buckets, Snow Beaters, Water Bags, Drills, Drill Bows,&Caps, Root picks, Sinew Spinners, Mallets, Blubber Hooks, Snares, Traps, Fish Knives, Skinning Knives, Scrapers, Soap Stone Lamp, Adzes, Wedges and Mauls, Shuttles, Labrets, Grass Combs, Cord Making Imp. Mare Making Imp. Floats Plugs, Mouth pieces, Trinket Boxes, Box Handles, Thimble Guards, Creasers, Spear Heads, Points, Finger Rests Lance Points, Throwing Sticks, Bows & Arrows, Quivers, Powder Horns, Helmets, Visors, Snow Goggles, Ice Picks, Fish Scoops, Hooks, Sinkers, Ice Creepers, Pipes, Snuff Tubes, Pouches, Dolls, Belts, Sled Models, Boat Models, Kaiaks, Umiak, Paddles, Snow Knives, Snow Shoes, Carvins, Etched pieces, Clubs, Gut Nets, etc.
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