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As far as my collection is concerned I realize it is inevitable as fate that my collection will go - into some larger museums - that is the result of all good collections - a measurement the same as creeks to rivers and thru oceans - had I the nerves to spare I would have presented it to our museum - but I realize its slow growth and I loose hope and again I can not afford to sacrifice myself for something that will not be appreciated for its scientific worth locally - ("an indian collection") in our community there are only three (3) collections -
My collection was made through ceaseless work day by day (and dreams by night) for years - self denial at times as to whether it was  bread or a "pot" - (and it the "pot") had I  placed half the energy and finesse even in the grocery business I could buy the value of two (2) collections like mine - you know its either - since I displayed when I told you of its ax - and that I would get it - that was a four (4) year dream