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Mailed to Canada and advised us to wait until we heard from them as he felt sure that Mr. Hubball would send a team for us as soon as he learned that we were in town.Well we waited until Friday morning and then were able to go out with a man from Mr. Hubbells. We drove as far as St. Hichaess? And put up there for the night. The Franciscan Fathers at this place are making a thorough study of the Navajo Language. They have the verb fell in hand and one of the fathers, Father Leopold, is working on the noun. I was able to get a very good idea of their methods and, as their pronunciation is good I will be able to verify all of the words pertaining to blanket work and at the same time obtain the proper spelling in the way of sound divisions.
    We left St. Michaels Saturday morning and reached Canado at 2.30. Mr. Hubble received us with open arms and has done everything to help and entertain us. He has a great blanket center here and I could not have selected a better place to study primitive textiles. There is one form of blanket that has always been a puzzle to collectors. There are four in the Harvey collection and Mr Andres has one. The background is loosely woven wool cloth upon which elaborate designs have been worked with a needle. I found a old piece ina corner of Mr. Hubells store room and he immediately gave me facts enough about it to clear up the situation to the satisfaction of all.This is but one of the mans little things that he has decided for me. He is so willing to give information and not only that but