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Seemed to make a great impression on the Indians. I hope to make a list of the diseases that trouble the Navajos to the greatest extent also the death rate from the improper treatment at the time of childbirth. There are many sides to the question and I want to grasp as many as possible.

You will see by by Mr. Heyes letter that I have succeeded in buying a valuable collection of prehistoric material. It is a collection that Mr. Hubbell has had for some time. I made a careful study of the material and found that there were some rare sets that would be worth as much as was asked for the entire collection. There are fully 850 pieces of pottery and over three hundred stone, bone, and shell ornaments and implements. Mr. Hubbell agreed to let me have it for $250.00. i  have explained the situation in Mr. H's letter and must leave it to you to decide how it had better be handled. There are a great many forms that would add greatly to our museum collections but, should you not care to share the cost Mr. H. could take it and we could arrange for exchanges with him. Perhaps this would be the better plan as it would hold down the expense of this summers trip which I am endeavoring to do by every means Possible. I think it will be best to hold this shipment until the final one is made. it will keep it together and there may be a chance of getting rates if there is enough to make it an object. 

I bought a little collection for Mr.H while in [[Crossed out]] Albuquerqu [[/Crossed out]]