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Gallup, New Mexico, September 7, 1904.

ly dear George H. -

Your ling expected letter came tripping down the trail this morning as I was on my way to a second hand store to endeavor to separate a man from a bunch of old pottery that he had piled around him. I was glad to hear that you were still able to sit up but it pained me to think that you were worrying about yours truly, Your fears concerning the Pike were ground less as Coney has the pike skinned to a finish at any time or place. I did run up against some interesting things in the way of old blankets and basketry. I mentioned one basket in the BOOK that I sent to E.T.E.. It is certainly the greatest thing in its line that the Southwest has ever pro-duced. Could you get your hands on this piece that fame of your collection would be established. Joking aside, it is a work of art that would attract attention anywhere. I have taken the matter up with Benham and hope that e he cin get a line on it although Dorsey of the Field Columbian and several others are after it. My week at the fair was fully explained in my letter to Mr. Hyde so I need say nothing about that part of my trip. While in Chicigo I was closeted with Dorsey to such an extent that I did not have the time to look up Maratta. I mislaid the paper that you gave me but found his address in the directory. I tried to scheme so that I could see him but I had to spend so much time with Dorsey that I did not feel like staying longer

When we reached Kansas City I was almost a wreck. I had a bad cold in my head the whole time I was in St Louis. Caught it in fact on the way