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were adorning the shelves. When I had the box packed and the cover on ready for shipment the one-time-owner said " Say, now that you have the stuff, did you stick me or did I get about what it was worth?" I told him it brought him every cent it was worth to me but that he might have doubled his money if he had held it long enough to find someone who thought differently.

The box stands in front of the table as I write. I endeavored to send it out this afternoon but it seems that the people in this town do not feel like working after four oclock so it will have to wait until morning. It contains 18 pieces of the old ware such as is found in the vicinity of Gallup. It was dug up by an Indian in a mound among the hills about six or eight miles Northeast of Gallup. In form it is typical of this whole region but there is one piece that is rather interesting. It is a bowl of red ware which is practically perfect. There are one or two chips on the edge but otherwise it is a good example of a rather rare ware. A great many fragments of red bowls are found but perfect specimens are hard to pick up. This one is well decorated and well made, the design being on the interior. Among the other pieces is a pitcher with a black decoration. It is a glossy black; so much so that it is almost like the semi-glazed pieces of the Rio Grande region. When it is cleaned up a little it will be a beauty. There are two or three pieces of the bird form but the large one has a new form of decoration on the tail. It looks like a frog but the form will be more apparent when the alkali has been removed with acid. If it turns out to be a frog it will be rather