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interesting as it will make a double water emblem, the bird in this position symbolizing the water upon which it rests. There is one very pretty dipper with the trough form of handle. The design on the interior is in the form of a scroll and it is very strong in outline. One dipper bowl has three holes across the handle where it had been broken. I cannot recall another specimen of this form that has such evidences of the menders art. There is a design on the bowl but it will have to be brought out with acid. There is a very pretty bowl with slightly incurving rim. It is white ware and has a band of scroll work on the interior the balance being white. Two corrugated pieces show the ware of this part of the country quite well. The rims are broken but they came with the collection so 'nuff said. One little corrugated jar represents its family all right as it is not broken. But why say more! you will have the box in the course of a week or two and you can then see the material for yourself. We have all the forms in the Museum and you have most of them in your Socorro Collection but you have none from this region and it will therefore find a place in your collection. I really hate to tell you how much I had to pay for it as I fear that you will think that I am rather reckless with other peoples money. I can but plead enthusiasm and my inability to let a good thing pass when I am on the same side of the street. I have a worthy example before me in the person of Culin of Brooklyn who paid, last year, the sum of thirty dollars for one modern Pueblo jar, so do not censure too harshly when I state that I spent the princely sum of EIGHT DOLLARS for the collection, including a box for packing which had to be brought form[from] another store and the dealers time in making a cover for same. When we consider that pieces of this type bring