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effect that Andrus had started for the country before our wire arrived. There was nothing to do but wait until the evening train and then pull out for Gallup to handle the ropes in person. I spent the greater part of the day studying the Harvey blankets. I had the blanket buyer showing me the collection and a very intelligent Navajo helping us. I succeeded in getting some good samples of old blankets and a great deal of valuable information from the Indian. I kept him smoking the cigars that I brought from the East and, could I have understood all that he was saying I would have had enough for a small volume. I am looking fiward to similar interviews at Hubbells when I can have an interpreter at my side. I can understand a little of the every-day Navajo language but when it comes to the scientific I must look to a native who has learned our language up to the plane.

We are waiting now for Andrus. We found on reaching here that our message has been sent out to Hubbells by mail. Mr. Cotton the trader here had it sent out and he advised us to wait as he said that Hubbell would surely send the team back when he learned that we were here. If we do not hear from them to-morrow I feel that I must spend the necessary amount to get a team to take us there as time is getting precious. To be sure there is not much waste of time as I am able to tabulate what I have noted and am attending to matters that need attention, yet I long to be among the Indians to continue my investigations from original sources.

Tell Mr. Hyde I shall write him in a day or so. You will have to make these long letters do double duty as they are to a great extent the result of night work and cannot be duplicated every night.

Hoping to hear from you in the near future  or whenever you have time

I am as ever, sincerely yours, Geo H -