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3. In cases where the address of the Chairman is unknown to the member, suggestions as to communications may be addressed to the member of the Organizing Committee having special charge of the subject. The division of departments between the members of this Committee is as follows: 
Professor NEWCOMB.-Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Sciences of the Earth, Anthropology, Medicine, Technology. 
Professor M√úNSTERBERG.-Philosophy, History of Language, History of Literature, History of Art, Biology, Psychology, Education. 
Professor SMALL.-Political and Economic History, History of Law, History of Religion, Sociology, Economics, Politics, Jurisprudence, Social Science, Religion. 
4. Tickets of admission to any Department of the Congress will be issued by the Director of Congresses to scholars accepting membership. Each member is therefore requested to make know to the Director of the Congresses, Mr. Howard J. Rogers, Universal Exposition, St. Louis, Mo., what department or departments he desires to attend. 
5. Members desiring information not found in the programme as to the local arrangements for the Congress are requested to address their inquiries to the Director of Congresses. 

Organizing Committee. 

N.B.-Invitees accepting membership in the Congress are especially requested to accompany their acceptance with a statement of the department in which they wish to be enrolled, and of the sections which they most wish to attend.