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answd Oct 15/04.



(Dictated)    September 20, 1904

My dear Mr. Pepper:-

Are you at home yet, and if not, where are you? - I have three or four pieces of pottery which I purchased at St. Louis from the Cocopas Indians. Do these belong in your collection? If so, had I not better have them sent up to the Museum so that they can be catalogued with the rest?

I have no idea when my little "Museum" is going to be finished. The building strikes have of course stopped all the work, but it ought not to take long to build as there is hardly any plastering.

Do you suppose that he Indian collection will be ready for it as soon as the Museum is ready for pottery? 

Hoping that you have had a pleasant summet, I am,

Very truly yours,
Emily J. deForest

Mr. George H. Pepper,
American Museum,
New York City. 

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