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G.H.P.           -2-

check for $350. After talking the matter over with B.T.B. we decided that it would probably be better for me to buy this collection personally, and then anything that you want out of it I can exchange for some of your duplicate material in the Museum. 

I will continue a little later on, but at present will give way to the boss Indian hunter.

Geo. G.

(Dictated by B.T.B.)

My dear Pepper: 

You must indeed have been surprised to find another copper bell, and the odd studd in Hubbells' store. Am I right in thinking that only five have come from the southwest and one of these from old Mexico? The votive offerings found in the spring or shrine combination was most fortunate and very remarkable. As Mr. Heye says above, I just landed in town this morning, and after discussing at luncheon, decided