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G. H. P.  -3-

to write this combination letter, so as to show you we have discussed the proposition which you put forth in such a plain way, and both think that it will be most satisfactory to all of us to handle, as Mr. Heye suggested, it will give him just what he needs to enable him to make exchanges for some of our duplicate material, and I am sure this is the spirit [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] in which we have been trying to handle our material from the start, to make it of the greatest use to those who are most interested.

I cannot commence to tell you how please I am with what you have done up to date, and I only hope that you will not try to crowd too much into a given time that your health will suffer, because you want to come home in better health than you left, even if you should have to put off some of your work until another season, which taken altogether, means that we would