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Albuquerque New Mexico, October 31, 1904.

My dear George H:-

We ran up to Sante [[Santa]] Fe Friday and returned Saturday, reaching this great town at four in the morning. While at breakfast the mail was handed to me and in it was your letter with pheck [[check]] for $300.00.  In the packige [[package]] of letters was one from the Museum containing the Mexican passes, and another one carried the new passes from the President of the Sante [[Santa]] Fe. so you can imagine how happy I was to see the way clear to start for the South either to-day or to-morrow.

It is rather peculiar that the telegraph agent should make a [[strikethrough]] mist [[/strikethrough]] mistake in the word that you thought to be "WAMPUM".  It was URUAPAM and it was spelled out in plain printing as are all of the words in my dispatches.  I do this to reduce the possibility of error to a minimum.

The collection in Uruapam that I referred to is the one that Mr. Cobbs wrote about. You no doubt remember the letter that I wrote you from New York State in which I copied part of the letter.  The collection contains several rare pieces if the description was correct and Mr. Cobbs even said that he would take part of the collection if we did not want to buy the whole outfit.  While in Mexico City I shall have to see a gentleman who has evaded the customs in some work for the Museum and the only chance of getting the material out will be through him. There is no duty on this class of material, I believe, only a law prohibiting the passage
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