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Frederick R. Green, President
Dr. Samuel B. Ward, V. Pres.
Harry D. Williams, Treasurer
Clarence Luce, Tem. Sec'y.
State of New York
Lewis and Clark Exposition Commission
Executive Committee
Clarence Luce, Chairman
Charles R. Huntley
Henry Altman
DeLancey M. Ellis, Executive Officer
Frederick R. Green
Dr. Samuel B. Ward
Clarence Luce
Harry D. Williams
Pratt A. Brown
Henry Altman
Charles R. Huntley
Portland, Or., September 4, 1905.
Dr. George H. Pepper,
American Museum of Natural History,
77th Street and Central Park West,
New York City.
My dear Dr. Pepper:-
I have yours of the 30th ult. with enclosure, and am obliged to you for the same. When a man puts up a bluff to me about wanting to pay some expenses, I call it every trip.
We have had many pleasant times during the summer, but I don't think we have cut loose to quite the extent we did while you were here. The Benhams are at present on the Alaska trip and we expect them back next week. We are discussing plans for the disposal of our goods and chattels with a view of getting home soon after the 15th of next month. I hope we shall see you some time during the coming winter in New York.
Mrs. Ellis and the entire Benham outfit would wish to be remembered if they knew that I am writing you.
With cordial regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
D.M. Ellis