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[[box 1]]
H Sadthagen, the Indian trader, has been established fourteen years in Victoria. B.C., where he carries the largest collection of Indian goods of any curio store in existence.

[[box 2]]
I carry always about 5,000 baskets of all tribes, old and new, in stock: also a large collection of antique Indian curios. 

[[box 3]]
I have the largest collection of the slate dishes, totempoles, pipes, all handiwork of the Haidah Indians, B.C.
Large collection of Haidah silverwork, spoons, bracelets, etc., all hammered out of coin.

[[box 4]]
Take notice that all mail orders must be accompanied with money orders. No goods sent otherwise.
I have the only store in Victoria which sells nothing but Indian baskets and Indian curios, and antique brass and pewter goods. I sold in the year 1904 over fifteen thousand baskets, besides a host of curios.
[[left column]]
DECEMBER 14TH, 1904.

Royal Visitors. - Their Highnesses the Prince and Princess Colloredo-Mannsfield, who, with their party, are sojourning at the Dallas, yesterday afternoon paid a visit to the curio store of H. Stadthagen, the Indian trader, at 79 Johnson street. Their Highnesses, after viewing the different articles displayed, expressed their highest admiration for the skill and artistic taste of the British Columbia and Alaska Indians in the manufacture of baskets and other work. Her Highness made many purchases, both in baskets and other choice and rare curios, from Mr. Stadthagen. This is the second royal party to which the Indian trader has had the pleasure of catering to inside of two years; as may be remembered, the Princess of Wales while here purchased a very fine collection of different Indian curios at this same store.

[[center page, right column]]

and the only Cedar Matts wich are made on the bias [[sketch of cross-hatch]] with a border around there is no other colours, the entire matt is yellow cedar. The Price is $2.00 [[1?]] each. I will send you this day a Photo of my House, wherin I placed / front garden two old Totempoles, the small one is 30 feet high and the large one is 69 feet high largest in existence. I also have send Mr. Heye  one of those Photos, yes both are for sale. Dear Mr. Pepper please let me know if I cannot do anything for you, as I am very much obliged for your great kindness.  
Respectfully yours
N. Stadthagen

[[picture, bottom of page
Appears to be of the Indian trading store, showing shelves of goods for sale with Stadthagen in store.]]


Transcription Notes:
not certain of the word "matt" assuming the signature is Stadthagen based on the handwriting and the article note: boxes 1-4 at the top of the page seem to be advertising for the business Left column is an clipping from a newspaper Right column is remainder of the letter started on the other side of the page