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September 8, 1905.

Dr. L. O. Howard,
Cosmos Club,
Washington, D.C.

My dear Doctor Howard:-
As the time approaches for sending out notices of the forthcoming meeting I am reminded of the fact that I have not received the allowance for secretary's expenses which is due me on account of the last meeting. I had supposed that Mr. Hyde had sent in a bill for petty expenses as he handled the printing and mailing of notices during my absence in Mexico. He did not understand the matter as he assures me that he has not done nothing concerning it. His output was between seven and eight dollars. If you are in a position, at this late day, to reimburse him kindly add same to the amount due to me and I will hand it to him.
Hoping to hear from you at your convenience and regretting that I have had to bring this matter to your attention, I beg to remain.

Sincerely yours, 
Geo H Pepper