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Members. - Provisional List.

[[First Column]]

Hon. Judge Baby, Montreal.
Mr. F.W. Beeman, Perth, Ont.
Mr. Chas. N. Bell, Winnipeg, Man.
Rev. G. Bryce, Winnipeg, Man.
Dr. Franz Boas, New York. 
Prof. A.F. Chamberlain, Worcester, Mass.
Dr. A.D. Decelles, Parliamentary Librarian, Ottawa.
Mr. A. Doughty, Archivist, Ottawa. 
Rev. Father Drummond, S.J., St. Boniface, Man. 
Mr. A. Gagnon, Dept. of Public Works, Québec.
Mr. P. Gagnon, Archivist, Quebec.
Abbé Am. Gosselin, Prof. Laval University, Quebec. 
Hon. L. Gouin, Premier of the Province of Quebec. 
Abbé V. Huart, Director Provincial Museum, Quebec. 
Mr. A.F. Hunter, Barrie, Ont. 
Mr. C.C. James, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Toronto.
My. A. Jobin, President of l'Institut Canadien, Quebec. 
Sir Henry Joly de Lotbinière, Lieut. Governor of British Columbia.

[[/first column]]

[[start column]]

Mr. S. W. Kane, Director Provincial Museum, St. John, N.B.
Rev. Father Lacombe, O.M.I., Calgary.
Sir James Lemoine, Québec.
Rev Father Lemoyne, O.M.I.
His Lordship, the Mayor of Quebec.
Prof. A.R. McCallum, Toronto University.
Rev. Father Morice, O.M.I., Vancouver, B.C.
Mr. H. Piers, Director, Provincial Museum, Halifax, N.S.
The Rector of Laval University.
The Rector of McGill University.
The Rector of Bishop College.
Mr. E. Rouillard, Lands Department, Quebec.
Mr. J.E. Roy, Lévis, Quebec.
Hon. R. Roy, Provincial Secretary, Quebec.
Hon. Judge Sicotte, Montreal.
Mr. B. Sulte, Ottawa, Ont.
Mr. C. Tessier, Quebec.
Hon. A. Turgeon, Minster of Lands, Quebec.
Mr. W.J. Wintemberg, Provincial Museum, Toronto. 
Mr. Lawrence Watson, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Major Wood, President of the Literary and Historical Society, Quebec.