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Registry Return Receipt. Form No. 1548.


Received from the Postmaster at Beverly, Mass 
(Delivering office.)

Registered Letter/[[strikethrough]]Parcel[[/strikethrough]] No. 3011,
From Post Office at New York, N.Y.,
Addressed to .... H. Clarke [[handwritten]]
(Name of addressee.)

Date 9/11, 1905
(Date of delivery.)

[[Left side]]When delivery is made to an agent of the addressee, both addressee's name and agent's signature must appear in this receipt.

[[Right side]] H. Clarke [[handwritten]]
(Signature of name of addressee.)

(Signature of addressee's agent.)

[[bottom]]A registered article must not be delivered to anyone but the addressee, except upon addressee's written order. 

When the above receipt has been properly signed, it must be postmarked with the name of delivering office and actual date of delivery and mailed to its address, without envelope or postage.

Transcription Notes:
There could be an illegible stamp printed onto the Signature of addressee's agent.