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November 1, 1905.

My dear Doctor Fewkes:- 

Allow me to thank you for the information concerning the Porto Rico material owned by a gentleman in this city. Mr. Heye wishes me to express his great appreciation of your interest in his work. He is endeavoring to get together a representative series of miterial [[material]] from the different cultures and any assistance, such as you have just given, is greatly appreciated.

I am sorry that we did have more time together but I was out of town gathering materials for loom work, the day that you were here, and was detained in the country and therefore did not reach the Club rooms until after nine oclock [[o'clock]]. Have just picked up the first three volumes of Oviedo, they came up in one of the book sales. Should you hear of a single copy of the fourth volume would consider it a great favor if you would let me know about it.

Sincerely yours, 
George H. Pepper