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Stadthagen - 2.

would be no trouble in passing it.

I know that it will be a disappointment to you to have all of the material returned but it is a greater one to Mr. Heye to say nothing of the express and customs charges that he has had to pay.  The objects, as shown by the photograph and according to your elaborate descriptions, seemed to be desirable for such a collection as Mr. Heye now has.  A photo gives only a fair idea of form, decoration and size we therefore have to rely upon the word of the dealer concerning the age of the material.  I cannot feel that you misrepresented the material intentionally and yet it seems strange that that with your experience and in view of the fact that I selected only old material when I made purchases in your store that you should not be able to differentiate between desirable and undesirable specimens.  I sincerely hope that you can explain why you allowed yourself to make such an unfortunate move.

I am sending the material "Collect".  When you receive the bill for freight and duty, if any, send same to me and I will see that you are reimbursed.

Regretting the necessity of returning the shipment and hoping to hear from you upon the arrival of same in Victoria.  I am,

Sincerely yours, 
George H. Pepper