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Date Oct. 10

Reel #6 of [[underline]] 7 [[/underline]]
Sound Tech: Nick Hawes

#1 4:03 Intro. by Art Rosenbaum
Gordon Tanner - Fiddle, Phil Tanner, 
W. Guy Bruce - banjo
#2 4:06 A. "Cripple Creek" vocal Gordon  Dabena Crosby impromptu dance
B. "Cindy"- Guy Bruce- Banjo solo & vocal tells about tuning
C. "Little Brown Jug" Guy Bruce banjo solo
AR- Guy Bruce is watch repairman by trade- Guy Bruce talk about drinking talk about moonshining-cow giving eggnog
AR- unaccompanied ballad lrnd [learned] from Geo. Brown
D. "Lily of the West" Guy Bruce -vocals
4:24 E. "Shoutin in Shout Shout" Guy Brown  - Banjo & vocal
#3  4:28 Art Intro. Neil Pattman -plays blues
A. "Mellow Peashin" (?) Neal- harmonica & vocal
B. "Im a Man" [[ditto marks]]
4:34 C. "You Don't Want Me No More" Jimmy Lee Harris-guitar & vocal Neal-harm.
D. "Fright Rain" Jimmy-guitar & vocal  has sound of bell
4:42 E. "Sitting Here Looking a Thousand Miles Away" Jimmy-gtr & vocal
Cecil Thorn taught him this song
4:47 end of Jimmy Lee Harris