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Tues 1932 - Gosh, Diary, it seems that W is getting all the breaks. First he gets elected to HR president, and today he was chosen news editor (not to mention publicity mgr. for the basketball games) I never get any breaks. 

19 A funny Scotch joke - broken hearted, paid a nickel, etc. Class meet today - + !! new secretary! Not bad for this year, is it? It was quite amusing to get the contrasting criticism from Anderson & Clopton on my sonnet: To a One-Time Friend." Our tennis club meets have been thrilling


Wed. 1932. I was in high spirits this afternoon - Mr. C. said that my poem "For They Know Not What They Do," was "one of the best" I've written - Gee, I don't know why a few words of encouragement and praise can mean so much! Alex and I hurried home to see "The Black Camel," matinee. Good picture. 

19 A crowded day! (1) Yim Kai Look, handsome, intelligent, came up and he, I & Harriet had a talk with him. (2) the Deputation bunch came over & gave a program in the hall. YK & I sat together. Eng period, a haole. (so thrillingly ideal) named Kent, & two others entertained. I almost had a chance to know Kent & Arthur Chung, Elsie Lew's friend but didn't. Then there was Ted Ing, whom I knew on Oahu. We had a talk. This evening, I invited YK to our Hi Y beach party at Wailua. Swell fun - H & L, Herb & I, swell fun! Hot dogs, songs, etc.