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Thurs 1932 - The old xx! *Baboon*!! made me feel cheap (very) in NE class. He said I had disturbed him so much in class that he moved my seat over!*. What about the others around me? Don't they talk too? Then the old Bab. said I was playing instead of doing my class work! Nerve! Also said I didn't deserve an A! Nerve! Then why did he give it!

19 Sent "Memories" to St Nick - & ordered tennis racket. YK told me that at the U. 2 yrs phys ed are required and that one can play what he wants. Now, I must master tennis. Took him around town and find his company quite good. Saw "Woman in Room 13" with Herb this eve.


Fri- 1932 - It is really funny how Clop. and And. can differ in regard to my poems. I spent the whole 6th period in Anderson's room and boy! how she criticized my poems. She especially & really disliked "For They Know Not What They Do." Then she went through all my poems (cont.) up-[[arrow pointing to top of page]] picking out the lines that were real poetry. Imagine! I had thought (according to Clopton) that all my lines were poetry! But oh, how she praised "Mirror." She likes it very much. I went to see "City Streets" a good picture-

19 YK & Irene are good friend[s] so I didn't have to entertain him every minute. He, I & Tong (whose place YK is staying at) went over to Kapaia for a ride. Then I went to the matinee "Man Who Played God" swell, alone- (Herb went to Lihue) Well, Irene & Jane - & I hope to make a good impression on this guy Kai.