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Sat 1932. I read some of Poe's "Masterpieces today- gee, he must surely have been 
a "queer" writer - with all his imaginations 
of death and horror. But in a way I really 
admire him for his deep thinking power.

19 YK is quite nice, that is, in what 
he does, & says. This aft, we were talking 
about Honululu & my going to the U - and 
what do you think! He said that I 
can stay at his place in Kaimuki, 
that he has a room for himself, & his house is 
5 min. from the U. This eve, W & I & he 
played all sorts of screamingly childish card games.

Sun. 19 Well, well, today I made my 
first burst in prose - that is, something 
really worth while - The Golden Lie. 
I really think, myself, that the plot is 
good - but my vocabulary - Terrible!

Again I have seen Edward Kent - and have 
heard him speak. He's such an ideal 
chap - I wonder if I'll ever get to know him. 
I played my first tennis strokes at Lihue, under Price - I didn't do very well, though. This evening, YK went back - we went on Tong's 
car, and tout les choses ["everything" in French] was OK except 
when returning - we had a flat tire & 
got it fixed just before a heavy rain!