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Sat. 1932. It rained and it poured today! I know there is a poem in rain, but somehow I can't grasp it. St. Nicholas May, has been "very, very generous to welcome back its "old" members, (including me) who were "fired" last October - Good ole St. Nick!

19  Edwin's birthday today. Can't remember what else happened.

19  "Mother" and family friends, Kafaa, Kauai can mean.
The first week in


Sun. 1932 - I finished my Washington 600-wd Essay tonight - I hope I get 5 points for it. Oh boy - what fun we had at the All Saints' Y.P.S.L. gathering I decided at the last minute to go - and Herb., too. He must "copy-cat" me! But such a pal! We (Abraham [[Matimura?]], Edward H., & I) meet Capt. [[Bluson?]] personally in George Dinori's car.  And boy -, did he demonstrate the English art of kissing! His face was like an orange scraper. Such an evangelist - tsk. tsk. 

19  This morning I remarked to Mrs. Anderson that Sunset hadn't rejected my poem. She said they're probably considering it for publication. oh yeah? This aft, what should I receive but a bright yellow rejection slip. My first one! Lots of fun!

19  Honolulu (Aug. 26-) was certainly enjoyable, I stayed with Aunt and went around town with Stanley  

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