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Mon. 1932 - I am very queer in that I can't feel gay when something concerning myself is not clear to me. That was why I went to see Mr. Frizelle about my doubtful honor points - yes, I get 3 for the Roosevelt ticket contest, and 5 for every essay contest I win. 
I was Monsieur Professeur today in French Class. Mrs. Clopton appointed me as "teacher" for 10 minutes.

19 Mrs Anderson read to the classes the best themes on "Life" that we had written last week. I was certainly surprised when she said my one was the best in the whole class. She broadcasted my name all over, telling the seniors to be sure to have my autograph in their annual, cause I'll be famous someday. Omigosh!

19 And In Fun. We also went to the country one day with Kai, Violet, Clarence, etc.


Tues. 19 Gay heart today - and why not? I had A for history test and A- for French - well, there's surely something in the proverb "A man reapest what he soweth" - for Heaven knows how I had studied for the tests.

19 On Tuesday (7) I heard from YK - not a very hot letter if you ask me, and one from Ted Tug - gosh! how he seems to appreciate my knowing him when he came up! Funny, but I just made his acquaintance in camp (Erdman) & here am I - a friend of his!

19 Swims at Waikiki occupied two mornings I spent & spent & spent and when all was gone, I then