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2   9-17

Then, at the turn of the land, the brilliant red cliffs before Lae Lipoa! - a narrow strip of beach for the beach comber, red streaks in the yellow sand, Ironwoods lining the sky.

At the end of the hike - Lae Lipoa - in the distance, a long mile of horizontal green, & red banks dotted with boulders, wind lines.

Yesterday - half a mile of rugged coastline - green & black, before the Nawiliwili lighthouse.  Ironwoods.

Last week -
Sat. - The rocky coast beyond Ahukini.
Sun.   hike to the pt. before 10-C.

Alaska this summer!
One loses one's true individuality in a city - (Honolulu) & spends all one's money.  Kauai is fine!  The discovery of meanings & goals.  The hub of one's travels - to Alaska, New Zealand, Iceland!