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Fri July 11. Dreyfus fell to (around) 13.20. Hours. It rained on & off lightly, with one heavy downpour at 4 pm for 1/2 hr only- still the earth is dry. Chung & little Peter van der Kloosten came to get some greens in the rain. We gave a dinner party for the Hantmans & the Loews, followed by Scrabble. Started a w.c. in afternoon. 

Sat July 12- a light drizzle, a grey humid, foggy day (a good day!). Kate came over to ask for lilac suckers - also a spirea. Ray dropped in. Bill Lerma (Samson's) came to look at my work. Herb & I took down the rabbit hutch in Sussows' yard. Flowers thriving, and all's almost well with the earth, now that a wet spell has set in.

Sun. What a great day - like a day in the Outer Hebrides - which, indeed, the view of Manana from the l.r. window recalled; or the island and its sea & fog and drizzle & crashing waves looked like what I imagine Attu or Adak would look like. The Aleutians? Aran? the Faulklands? All remote islands in grey seas and perpetually wet with fog and drizzle and that fine mist that comes only from the sea around. A light rain fell all day. 

We had a fire going, and June & daughter Maya dropped in. I painted 2 w.c.'s. In the evening we went over to the Samsons for anagrams and other games. What fun. The roads are wet. At midnight the glow over Manana made a strange night picture.

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Atler or Atter?

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