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November 17, 1923

Mrs. Murray Livingston,
44 Park Avenue,
New York City.

My dear Mrs. Livingston:-
You may have pondered about the two small Navaho blankets that you left with me in hopes that I could find a purchaser for them. They are safe and sound, here in my room and I am extremely sorry that I have not been able to do anything about them. The party to whom I offered them could not use them and I was then taken down with a siege of blood pressure which kept me in bed for nearly two months. I picked up a bit and went up to Maine to recuperate and was there taken down with pneumonia and was flat on my back, in a backwoods camp, for seven weeks. Since my return to New York I have been endeavoring to regain some of my strength and am seemingly on the mend.
I do not know whether you recall the blankets in detail but they are small saddle pads and one of them is somewhat frayed along the sides so they are not worth very much in the way of money value. They are, however, good examples of their kind and if you would be willing to accept fifteen dollars for them I will send you a check for that amount and the responsibility will have been overcome. I cannot forget your kindness when you called at the Museum nor your generous gift of the textile that we needed for our collections and I sincerely hope that you will honor us with another visit in the not distant future.
Awaiting your pleasure I am,
Sincerely yours,
George Pepper