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In your letter you also stated that you would talk further with Mr Heye about John's scheme for the Navajos. Please do so and with any one else. John has great faith in the plan & believes it could be made to go if only an interest in it could be started. He has had a hard time of it ever since he took the Indian business off of Tablot's shoulders and has worked faithfully & hard to make it a success & I feel that he has done wonders with it. Do help him in any way you can. He is worth all we can do for him, He is honest and a hard working unselfish man.

Do let me know what Mr Heye is doing now & what the plans are for the future of his grand collections. Give him my kind remembrances & say that I hope to look on him some time this winter. Where is Saville now & what is he doing. The last I heard from him there was some plan of his going to Spain for Mr. H. - Did he go? Now write me all the news I am glad to say that Miss Putnam is improving daily & we hope to return to Cambridge by the middle of the month. I wish you & Mr. Heye would both come to see us in the "Peabody" on our return

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I trust you have received our late memories & the Volk vol. all right.

With regards to Mrs. Pepper for us both 
Sincerly yours F M Putnam
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