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A robe six feet by four inches long and four feet by six inches wide composed of the breast pelts of the "ARCTIC EAGLE"

This bird, never very common, is now and has been for some years positively extinct so that the duplicate of this rare and beautiful natural curiosity is an absolute impossibility. The collection of the pelts represents the work of over twenty two years by the donor, a resident of Sitka and Douglas Island, Alaska.

The skins are cured and sewn together by the original and somewhat primitive method of the Alaskan Esquimeaux, the oil used in the curing proving an effectual safeguard against encroachments and damage by moths, etc. The denizens of the far North have always regarded this particular Eagle as a sacred object, the flesh of the bird being used as a curative agent in illness, the bones and claws were used in certain rites to establish the existence of witch-craft, good luck and were only obtainable by the white man in exchange for "fire-water" hence the long tedious quest of the down.

The surprising strength and durability of the skins (which resemble fur) will be seen from the fact the robe has been in the owner's possession since 1889 and it took the donor twenty-two years to collect the pelts, and some of these were fifty years old when they came into his possession. TODAY they are stronger and more durable than Chinchilla. Ermine or Persian Lamb and vastly more beautiful.

No possible real value can be placed on the robe although foreign experts have roughly place the least estimated value at $10,000.00. It is still in its original shape although it could be converted to many uses.

To one of wealth who can afford to indulge a wish to own something no King or Potentate can duplicate this opportunity to purchase the robe is a rare one.

A small collection of similar character was shown by a Naval Officer at the World's Fair, Chicago who valued his at $5,000.00 and later presented it to the Smithsonian Institute where it now reposes.

PRICE --- $[[strikethrough]] 10 [[/strikethrough]]5,000.00.

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