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for 50,000Rp worth of cloth may have to pay only 10,000 down in this small HH were 5 machines, incl. 
a. 1 sewing w/ zigzag setting (sub for [[?]])
b. 1 sewing w/ buttonhole attach on
c. 3 reg. sewing

2 of machines rented at 750Rp - since old rental agreemtn get for this but nowadays new [[garments?]] 1000 a mo.
father can cut 4 layers at a time, uses scissors from Hadipolo
#2 scissors @ 600Rp
#3 scissors @ 750
- use 'merino' asa term to mean a busy on namai on laris market solution

are also 10 brickmakers w/ small kilns in the village

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((notes from here skipping around as to dates - in sequence again after page
Tues, Dec. 16, 1980 fieldtrip with Richard Holloway (director Orfam) and Jeremy Herklots of Intermediate Technology Industrial Services (ITIS)

- first visited a demonstration roof tile project in Mrangen, Demak
- project consists of a large work room and a smaller rooms used for receiving guests
- large work room contains:

1. 2 screw presses of the lightweight Kudus type - these have been purchased for 325,000Rp each at :
Bengkel Wwahono
Desa Desalan
Kec. Bal
Kab Kudus)

price does not include cost of cement foundations used

2. one pug mill (wals, mesin)

[[margin]] Pak Soebekti & 2 pegawai Dinas I also camwe along as far as [[Mrangen?]] - also Surip, kep. tingkat II Demak [[/margin[[

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