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fetching is walking time only, does not include time for washing
5. cooking - 1st meal is cooked at 4:00 AM
is a deeply religious Islamic area + women paid they are diligent in praying ("rajin sembayang")
women lead very isolated lives - none of the women attending has ever been to either Gakarta on Bandurg (Gakarta less than 2 hrs away, Bandurg less than 3), including even women ages 40 or 50 
none of the [[inserted]] adult [[inserted]] women has completed more than 3rd grade; only 2 claimed to be able to read + write but "not lancar" (not fluently)
speak Sundanese, most [[strikethrough]] al [[strikethrough]] unable to speak or understand [[?]].
are apparently using the child-care facilities (here called taman kanak, elsewhere penitipan bayi) claimed school costs prohibitive; includes contributions of rice to the teacher
teacher paid by perkebunan - gets only 20,000 Rp + 60 liters of beras a mo. - women said if don't work for the perkebanan can't survive + if both husband + wife don't work can't survive - i.e. need for 2 incomes
perhaps because of already heavy work load and isolation, relatively [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[strikethrough]] few other income-generating activities carried out by women 
one women interviewed had a warurg, another sold pisarg gorerg in the evenings
children delivered a home by a [[?]] bayi
[[?]] in fact 10 kilometers away w/ transport cost of 200 Rp at place called Kelapo Nunggal for serious health emergencies the perkebunan truck will take them; otherwise must get there on their own
add from Stella: [[?]] should technically be chosen at a rapat anggauta; most from white collar workers
[[margins]] ([[?]] says rather right-wing)) James Shea [[margins]]
good season begins after rains 1 months Asia - Amen Free habor [[strikethrough]] Fed ( [[strikethrough]] [[?]] (AF [[?]]) research being carried out thru YIS - finished Dec. - [[?]] [[?]] top of [[?]], [[?]] Did premi = bonus for exceeding [[?]] or for [[?]] (no absentism) for factory workers
Stella says 5 kampongs at J.N. ((new U.S Emb. habor Attacks John Washburn))
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