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For Series I Plates (8inch Draper) 163" to a …
For Series B Plates (8inch Backe) 179" to a 
For Series A Plates (24inch Bruce) 60" to a 
For Series I Plates multiply the log. recaut of Dec. Leg Log 1.03623

For Series B Plates multiply the log. recauit of Dec. Log.1.07700

For Series A Plates. multiply the log. recaut of Dec. Leg 0.60206
I'm computing positions of variable stars,
Positions of Companion Stars are used in preference to 
[[Z.?]] [[G.?]] positions, where a star appears in both catalogues. Per order of Mrs. Fleming.
In Table 1, Volume XLVII, R.A. is carried out to hours, minutes, seconds & tenths, Dec. is carried out to degrees, minutes & whole seconds, when there are seconds.