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August 19, 1905. 
Exam. of Plates for ident. of T Draconis for enl. for Mr Campbell.

[[3 columned table]]
| Plate|     Date    |  Exp.  |
|I23165|July 14  1899|28^[[m]]|H. comp. br.
|I32998sp.|April 8 1905|60^[[m]]|
|I21506|Oct.  25 1898|10^[[m]]|
|I20841|June   9 1898|15^[[m]]|H. comp. br.
|I20498|March 14 1899|20^[[m]]|
|I20736|April 21 1898|10^[[m]]|
|I20657|April  7 1898|15^[[m]]|
|I6744 |Aug.  17 1892|15^[[m]]|
|I18767|Sept  13 1897|15^[[m]]|
|I16443|Nov.   3 1896|14^[[m]]|
|I13551|Sept. 30 1895|12^[[m]]|
|I15795|Aug.  28 1896|11^[[m]]|
|I9181 |Aug.  11 1893|19^[[m]]|
|End I20783|         |        |H. comp. br.
|I20608|             |        |
|I29253|Sept. 10 1902|12^[[m]]|
|I27442|Sept.  7 1901|15^[[m]]|
|I18739|Sept.  9 1897|12^[[m]]|

The above plates show very little variation (about 0.5 magn.) my the star which has been assumed to be J Draconis, count the specrive of this object is not fourth type. It may be Cl. Kur Ma. A faint star cloudy adjacent, but north shows a variation of at least 1.0 magnitude but it is much too faint on [[strikethrough]] these [[strikethrough]] plates and I32998 to show the class of specification. This may be J Draconis, eosphins fourth type star. If not, it is a star variable with P I [[illegible]] June 19, 1905