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[[3 columned table]]
|1893|   |   |
|July 22|Measurements to determine position of New Bright lines spectra in region eta Argus|123|
|Aug. 12|Exam. of photographs for conf. of A. W. Roberts new var. star.|124|
|Aug. 15|Meas. of new var. star in cluster nu Centauri|125-130, 135|
|Aug. 15|Meas. of new var. star in Columba|131-133|
|Aug. 16|Meas. for position of new IV Type star|134|
|Nov. 25|Meas. to determine variability of A. W. Roberts' star 15^[[h]]] -56.4 -62° 33'|136-137|
|Dec. 21|Exam. of photographic charts for var.? star in Perseus|138-|
|Dec. 23|Mrs. Fleming's var. in Perseus|139|
|1894|   |   |139|
|Jan. 2|Meas. to determine brightness of T.H. Anderson's new var. star in Andromeda|140-143, 145, 148|
|Dec. 31, '93|Mrs. Fleming's var. in Perseus|144|
|Jan. 5, '94|Exam. of plates for Mr. H. M. Reed's suspected var.|146-148|
|Jan 8, '94|Exam. of photographic charts for conf.[[?]] of E. Hartwig's var. star in Perseus|149-151|
|Jan. 11, '94|chi[[?]] Virginis|152-153|
|Jan. 14, '94|Exam. of photographs for conf. of Prof. S.I. Bailey's three new var. stars in 47 Toucanae|154-186, 194, 209|
|Jan. 22, '94|Meas. of M.P. 441|187-193|
|Mar. 5, '94|Meas. to determine position of V Type star No. 3503|210|
|Mar. 5, '94|Meas. [[strikethrough]]of[[/strikethrough]]to determine position of V Type star No. 3294|211|
|Mar. 5, '94|Meas. to determine position of new gaseous nebula RA 19^[[h]] Dec. -39°|212|
|Mar. 6, '94|Meas. to determine position of new V Type star No. 3455|213|

[[footnote]]John G. Wolbach Library, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Provided by the NASA Astrophysics Data Systems[[/footnote]]

Transcription Notes:
X Virginis might be chi Virginis

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