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August 18, 1892
HP 3747 on plate[[?]] C 4933 ^[[zpn]] taken August 6, 1892.
Bright [[?]] live central; fine lines ^[[H certainly double]] double.

2 columns date|description|
Oct. 22, 1890|C3021^[[1pn]][[?]] lines wide. Image very poor.
Oct. 28, 1890|C3026, 1pn[[?]] lines wide. image poor.
Nov. 20, 1890|C3097, 1pn[[?]] lines wide.
Nov. 26, 1890|c3117, 1pn[[?]] lines wide. Image very poor.
Jan. 8, 1891|C3298 2pn?[[?]] Br. F central. Hydrogen lines double. Other fine lines double.
Nov. 28, 1890|C3120 1pn?[[?]] lines double. G,H, and (Beta 4 gamma) certainly double.
July 21, 1892|C4897 2pn[[?]] image too dense and narrow for examination.
July 27, 1892|C4924 2pn[[?]] Fine lines single, "H" wide ^[["F" Bright towards edge of shorter with single pour.
Aug.6, 1892|C4933 2pn[[?]] See above.

Transcription Notes:
the words 1pn and 2pn are guesses, I am unsure of what it actually says.