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May 2, 1896.

Measure of New Var. in Horologium

Plate B 8861 Sp.
Too poor.

Plate B 11651
12.3[[strikethrough]]3[[/strikethrough]]4 n=.2
12.4[[strikethrough]]4[[/strikethrough]] v=.1

Plate B 14334
a 6.3
b 6.8
c 7.2
d 7.5
e 7.9
f 8.3
g 8.7
h 9.0
k 9.4
l 9.8
m 10.2
n n.s.
Var. N.S.
11.9[[strikethrough]]3[[/strikethrough]]4 m=.4
v N.S. <12.3 [[strikethrough]]3[[strikethrough]]4

Plate B 4763
11.9[[strikethrough]]3[[/strikethrough]]4 m=.2
[[strikethrough]] 11 [[/strikethrough]] 12.0[[strikethrough]]3[[/strikethrough]]4 v=.1?
n N.S.

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