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Transcription: [00:05:21]
{Speaker 1="Renny Harris"}
A lot of Californians smile when they dance, that's Comedy Pop, when you do your moves and make people laugh.
Ok? Um, let's see what other styles we have, did I forget any styles? Peanut gallery over there, be quiet. Oh, I can't forget the, uh, the Oriental Pop. It's something that Shalomar and I invented a couple months ago, actually August.
We won a big contest over there just the two of us, we went against fourteen groups, and they had at least like 6 people in their group and we did the Oriental Pop and just took the whole thing, so you can clap for that one, though.

[[audience clapping]]

{Speaker 2="Host"}
And you can see the Oriental Pop done in tomorrow's review.

{Speaker 1="Renny Harris"}
Yes, you will. [[laughter]]

{Speaker 2="Host"}
He says oh, no.

{Speaker 1="Renny Harris"}
Oriental Pop takes a lot out of you, after you do it, you feel like you've been dancing for 7, 8 hours, cuz it's a very tense dance, just like Popping.

Popping is a lot of body control and mind control, you make your bodies do what you want it to do.
Ok? Enough talk, I know you're saying this guy is starting to bore me. We gonna have Shalomar come up here and demonstrate a couple. He's gonna do two styles, of which - what kind of style you wanna do, tell 'em.

[[inaudible exchange]]

{Speaker 1="Renny Harris"}
All right, he's gonna do Hard Pop, it's very serious pop, if you could take your - yeah, so you can see his eyes.

[[silence for dance demonstration]]

All right, that's a Hard Pop. [[applause in background]] He's gonna demonstrate a California Tick.

[[silence for dance demonstration]]

All right hold on, hold- hold up, we gonna have our personal beatbox get down for you. All right? This is what they do on the street to get the noises for those people who dance in the street and don't have no box to dance off, and no radio so we have your person here that does

Transcription Notes:
I believe the main speaker here is the same as in the first few minutes, "Renny Harris," but please correct if wrong. Unsure whether to capitalize the different named dance moves - I did.

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